The New Ross 200 Anniversary Association

The New Ross 200 Anniversary Association was formed in 2014 and meets as a group every month which is advertised in “the Flyer.” The committee was organized to prepare for the 200th Anniversary of the community which includes planning, supporting and marketing. The dedicated volunteer committee is comprised of community group representatives and individual community members. Events are planned throughout the 2016 year but also around the date when the community was settled, August 7th. A number of events are in the planning stages which include:

  • Parade
  • Night Market
  • Ecumenical Service
  • Historical highlight

This is a community driven event that requires your participation to be successful! If you have any questions or want to take part, please email:  For more information and to see up to date event happenings, check us out in the 200th anniversary section or visit us on facebook.