Strategic Plan

Between September 2012 and May 2013, members from the New Ross Regional Development Society worked together to develop a community-based, Strategic Development Plan for New Ross and Area.  The anticipated outcome is the development and maintenance of a sustainable economy that respects the lifestyle and protects community values.  A community survey and stakeholder survey plus meetings were held to gather information and tabulate results, leading to a vision and mission statement.  Resulting in a “town hall” meeting of area residents to share their ideas and enthusiasm.

A Strategic Development Plan for New Ross Area

Strategic Plan Summary & Call to Action

Through the strategic planning process, the committee identified a number of key areas to examine the economic development issues of the area.  They were then organized into six strategic goals:

  1. Increase business in the community
  2. Retain present business in the community
  3. Increase visitors to New Ross
  4. Increase community vitality
  5. Improve and expand partnerships
  6. Improve community assets

A number of strategy suggestions were put forward by the development society which were further developed by public participation at the town hall meeting.  A “Call to Action” was put forward to the citizens of New Ross and they responded with innovative and collaborative projects.  Some items that resulted from this were:

-New Ross Consolidated School received Community School designation

-The New Ross Trails Society came into being, and the trail networks were further developed and expanded

-New Ross now enjoys high speed Fibre Optic internet

-New Ross Day Care Centre opened in September 2018

– The Lieutenant Governor awarded New Ross the Community Spirit Award
in 2016 – currently displayed at the New Ross Credit Union

In 2021 and early 2022 the New Ross Regional Development Society (NRRDS)
underwent the process of updating its strategic plan.  The original 2014 Strategic Plan
proved to be a useful guiding resource.

The 2023 update in strategic planning enjoys this informed history and hopes to
build on the successes of the 2014 plan.

A Strategic Development Plan for New Ross Area 2023