Between the Covers-Book Club

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Our book club in New Ross allows us to get together once a month, to review “the book of the month” chosen by one of our members. We discuss everything around the book getting ideas from others what they feel it means and interpreting it sometimes in a whole new light.

We all know reading exercises our brain, improves concentration, teaches us about the world around us, improves vocabulary and writing skills, leads to more highly-developed language skills, develops imagination & empathy, is a great form of entertainment, and relaxes the body and mind.

A book club will help you read more, read things you wouldn't normally read, meet new people, experience books in a whole new way, give you insight into the minds of the other readers, learn new techniques & approaches, it's fun! (and don't forget, there may be a little snack thrown in!)

So join us on our Facebook page, to see what we're reading this month, and find where we're meeting. Everyone is welcome!

Happy Reading!