Community Spotlight_Diane Webber

This month’s community spotlight is dedicated to Diane Webber, who many have come to know as the heart and soul of the New Ross Family Resource Centre.
Diane grew up in New Ross and upon graduating from NRCS, she went on
to obtain her degree in Early Childhood Education. She then moved to the
valley and worked as an ECE for years. She married the man of her dreams
and has 2 wonderful sons. Diane’s heart always lied in the Community of
New Ross and she moved back home where she became an active volunteer.
The Family Resource Centre was blessed to have her onboard starting in
2003. Her vision for the Community and her passion and love for children,
families and the Community as a whole has laid the foundation for the
Centre what it is today. Not only was she the Executive Director but also
began working as the preschool teacher here at the Centre. Over the years
many children and parents have come to know and love “Miss Webber”, and now there is a new generation of children getting to know her through her work at the daycare.
Over the years Diane has sat on several boards and volunteered with many organizations. She was the one who was able to secure funding for the centre and brought many other grants to the resource centre for programs and events. She sat on the committee that brought the idea of a gym at the centre to fruition which ran for many years and was widely used. She built strong partnerships with the school, other resource centres, recreation, schools
plus, DCS, etc. She also got the dance program going and the music program that Jamie Jungler led called Plug into Music. She organized Christmas activities at the centre for the festival and activities at the Fair for children including the children’s parade, fishpond, sucker pull and face
painting. There are just so many things she has done in the 20 plus years she was with the centre and if anyone needs any knowledge of the things that went through the centre or even places to contact, she is the “go to person”. She is a wealth of information and support. Her guidance, input and support has been immersible! Diane is very much loved and respected in the community!
Diane has been and still is a very dedicated volunteer. She has been a huge asset in making the
Resource Centre what it is today. Many countless hours above and beyond, donating her time
and her husband Ashton’s time. Without hesitation Diane is always there whenever help is needed, always giving more than 100%. A very compassionate, kind and caring soul. She has worked hard over the years and puts her whole heart and soul in everything she does or has done.
Diane was a talented basketball and volleyball player. She enjoys sports and ran the family gym night for many years. She was a talented teacher of tole painting, and everyone learned valuable skills with her direction. Her home has always been open to friends, and you could stop in for a tea or a glass of wine anytime and have a great chat. Diane is also a wonderful cook and gardener. She and Ashton have spent many hours volunteering for the food box program through the Centre. Caring for others comes naturally to Diane. She stepped down as Executive Director for the Centre in 2020 but has continued to be busy with volunteering and working at the daycare. Her visits at the Centre since her retirement are much welcomed! She loves her yoga classes, walking, dancing and playing cards just to name a few. She recently has taken up pickleball which is a great sport to meet people and be active and has
a nasty left swing and competitive spirit!!
Diane you underestimate how wonderful you are and how much you do for everyone. We truly
are grateful to have you as part of our Community! Thank you!