Konnor Corkum_Gone too soon

It is with heavy hearts that we must face our tomorrows without Konnor. He was taken far too soon from us on August 27 due to a motor vehicle accident.

Konnor was part of the New Ross men’s tug of war team and there will forever be an empty spot on the rope and in our hearts. Konnor never complained on or off the rope. He pulled with everything he had and he was an inspiration to others, especially the younger members, always encouraging and helping them learn.



Konnor was always willing to lend a hand, whether at home, work, school or out and about. He was often seen chatting to adults and was so polite and mature. He was a great role model! Everyone that met Konnor knew he was a kindred spirit!

Much loved by all the teachers in both New Ross School and Forest Heights, if anyone wanted anything fixed or built Konnor was up for the job. He was well known by his friends to be very much a country boy who loved fishing and will always be remembered for his schooling accessories like his backpack with the water bottle built in and toolbelt which carried any tool needed from a drill to a hammer and screwdrivers. If anyone needed a tool chances are Konnor had it!! He may have also been known to ride his dirt bike to school when he knew he wasn’t supposed to.


Konnor touched so many lives with his easy-going nature, his willingness to help, his kindness, his humor, his caring nature and gentle “old soul”. This is a loss we are all feeling and the whole community needs a hug right now. Konnor may have only had 17 years inbut he made an impact on everyone that met him. He was a son, a grandson, a brother, a friend, a teammate, an inspiration.

This year at the Fair he decided to try arm wrestling for the first time ever and if ever there was a hero it was him! The crowd cheered so loud and we were all so proud of him! He may not have won but the smile he had that day will surely be remembered by many!


Konnor was loved by all and will be greatly missed by all. Our thoughts are with his family right now and with all those that knew and loved him.