Home Support Exercise Program-A Huge Success!

A wonderful program that caught the eye of, The New Ross Family Resource Centre (NRFRC), was the Home Support Exercise Program (HSEP) developed by the Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging (CCAA). The (HSEP) comprises 10 simple yet progressive exercises, performed in the comfort of your own home, designed to enhance and maintain functional fitness, mobility and independence. This home support, helps promote and support physical activity which enhances general well-being, and improves overall physical and psychological health. Functional mobility promotes independent living, delaying the onset of fragility and isolation.
A program co-ordinator, along with 17 trained volunteers, were successful in providing this Home Based Exercise program, to 30 participants in the New Ross and surrounding area. By having the volunteer teach the exercise program they as well were able to benefit from the exercises. The program was offered over a 2-4 month period, but now over the programs duration of 1 year, individuals continue to perform these exercises and some of the volunteers continue to visit the participant’s homes on a weekly or monthly basis.
Over the course of the program, the volunteers found as much enjoyment as did the participants! The participants gained more independence by strengthening their bodies, mentally and physically and the volunteers “took pride in that we contributed somewhat to their well-being and possibly retaining their independence a little longer.”
For the co-ordinators of the program, it was exciting to see that most of the participants succeeded their goals and have shown improvement, supporting the goal of the study to enhance and maintain functional fitness, mobility and independence.
It was an enriching experience for all involved and we continue to quote, Leo Glavine, who states -“We know that living an active and engaged lifestyle is essential for healthy, positive aging.” This program, along with the volunteers and participants support that exponentially.