The New Ross Community Food Project

There is a lovely group of individuals in our community that are passionate about “everyone being able to get the food that they need for their health and enjoy it with others.”  They call themsleves “The New Ross Community Food Project” group, and over the last few years they have managed to accommplish an enourmous amount as it relates to food sustainability and to families in our community.  They have strategized and set goals for themselves and their group and have tackled food security issues with alarming precision.

Among their accommplishments have been local cooking classes for children & adults, gardening initiatives, they have hosted workshops aimed at everything from canning to season extension for your garden. They have brought many interesting initiatives to New Ross, that include the Bulk Buying Club, which involves 10 families working together to access amazing food boxes of local food delivered to them in our own community, and are now beginning monthly “Community Kitchens” where 4 families cook together, each making a large batch of a meal and at the end of the afternoon everyone takes home 4 cooked meals for their family!  This March, they supported a “Community Food Conversation” for the Chester Municipality, where community members, organizations and government came together to discuss actions to take to build a more food secure region.

They have been able to do this by connecting with the community, having regular meetings, going on field trips to share their knowledge and gain more on issues of food security.  They’ve realized along the way that they can be and are helping to be advocates to help create policy changes in our municipal, provincial and federal levels of government and to partner with other groups in the province.

This is indeed a great and dedicated group of indiviuals looking out for the nutrional needs and well being of our community, and we thank them for all they continue to do.
Partners for the Food Project include: The New Ross Family Resource Centre, New Ross Regional Development Society, Ross Farm Museum, New Ross Consolidated School, Municipality of the District of Chester, Rural Roots Market, Community Members and Local Farms