New Ross 200th Anniversary Events
200 Gun Salute

It is official: we will be having a 200 Gun Salute at the opening ceremonies on Aug.6, 2016. We are looking for gunners, both male and female. The person transporting the fire arm must have a PAL or POL licence. Fire arm of choice will be a shot gun; we will be providing the decommissioned ammunition. We need to know the gage of your gun to have sufficient ammunition for this event.

Come join us as we salute New Ross. You can sign up on-line at or call 902 689 2945 and leave a message with Evelyn.

We will contact you to inform you of the time and place you will need to assemble for Aug.6th. At sign in you will be issued your ammunition.

If you were part of the Gun Salute of 1966 we would be honored to have you join in the salute for the 200th. If anyone knows the names of the gunners in 1966 please let us know as we would like to recognize them at this event.