New Ross 200th Anniversary Events
Events Calendar

Celebrate With Us!

Here’s a brief outline of upcoming events for our 200th Anniversary. Each month in the Flyer we will list specific information of activities for that month. Hope you will join us.

  • Opening of the Time Capsule: 200th Committee and Ross Farm
  • Book Launch: Historical Society Updated History of New Ross
  • Music: Resource Center Activity
  • Bulwark Cider Label Contest
  • Heritage Project: School Students
  • Tentative date: Cider Launch by Muwin Wines
April April 2

  • Food to Art : Artist begin to work  with students
May May 7

  • Official Opening of the new Learning Center at Ross Farm

May 22

  • May Day Festival: Sharing of New Ross Songs through Plug Into Music.  Showing DVD with items from the Time Capsule with the Regional Development Society.

May 25

  • Art Walk/Student Art show at NRCS
  • To be Announced
July July 1

  • Canada Day : Charing Cross Garden Club
August August 5-7

  • 200th Weekend Celebration

August 19-20

  • New Ross Community Fair: Farmers Association
  • Charing Cross Garden Club and Artist Show
  • October Fest: FCC
  • Remembrance Day
  • Social Evening and Silent Auction
  • Regional Development Society Christmas Festival