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New Ross’s Oldest Twins

Ronald and Donald Levy Turn 90 in May


Identical twins Ronald and Donald Levy will be turning 90 in May which makes them the oldest twins in New Ross! Happy Birthday to both of you!


Some would argue that their birthday is May 27th and some would say May 28th. No one is sure which brother was born before midnight and which was after. Even Ronald and Donald don’t know! It is hard to believe that their mother later had 2 more sets of identical twins! Ronald and Donald in 1933, Willy and Willard in 1942 and Audrey & Aubrey in 1948.


Ever since they were born, Ronald and Donald have been almost inseparable. Often dressing identical, having the same haircut, and finishing each others’ stories. For as long as I can remember both have sported matching beards, long ago turned white, which has caused many a child to stop and say they didn’t know Santa had a brother!


The brothers have lived all their life in New Ross, worked at the mill for many years and always enjoying hunting, fishing and travelling around to ALL the Bingo Games. Ronald married and had eight children while Donald chose to remain a bachelor. Ethel, one of Ronald’s daughters, recalls that Bingo ALWAYS came first and she remembers completing homework at many a bingo halls and sitting in the car while Ronald and Donald shared a beer at the tavern afterwards. When there wasn’t BINGO the brothers could be found at home spending time playing cards with family and friends.


Ronald was known as the stern one while Donald was more easy going. The children remember being raised to be honest and respectful. And to always make time for family and friends. Sunday nights were spent watching Heartland on tv and the news and radio were always on to hear what the weather was going to be. Church was always attended on Easter and Christmas.


Over the years they raised chickens and pigs at home and they would take turns going out to feed the animals and collect the eggs. Often having a contest to see which one could get more eggs.


These days Eddie, Ronald’s son, lives with the brothers and helps care for them but Ronald still has his driver’s license and both still enjoy hunting. Donald never did get his license. And whenever they went anywhere you’d see them both in the front and Louise, Ronald’s wife, in the back seat. And if they travelled with anyone else both of them would sit together in the back seat. Being so close you’d have to wonder if they got along all the time. Ethel told me when there was a disagreement each would take a turn having their say, sometimes raising their voice but then that was it. They never fought like brothers sometimes do.


It is unknown where the nickname came from but many would know Ronald and Donald as

“the bubs” or “the bubsie twins” or “the bubsies”. The nickname has been passed down through generations.


This past year has been hard on Ronald. Family illnesses put a strain on him and having some issues of his own his BINGO trips were limited. Donald, not wanting to be apart from his brother, wouldn’t go to BINGO without Ronald.


It was mentioned that when telling you a story it is like listening to a record player. One in each ear and usually they are word for word and when one stops the other picks up. Both brothers are known to be honest, caring, and chatty.



I would like to thank Vicki for providing some photos of Ronald and Donald and for putting me in contact with Ethel. I would like to thank Ethel for the stories she shared with me and for the invite to the birthday party! I would also like to acknowledge that 2 of the photos were from a newspaper article in the Progress Bulletin newspaper in September 2015. And thank you to Teresa for your suggestion to spotlight Ronald and Donald!


Happy 90th Birthday Ronald and Donald!!