Fun & Fitness + ice?!

It has been one of those winters hasn’t it.  Freezing rain, after a bit of snow, a slight thaw, freezing temperatures with some rain then snow to create… ice, ice and more ice!  Even though the longing is there to go outside and enjoy the wintery weather, ice makes it tricky and at times dangerous.  Isn’t it lovely that we have a community that works together to enjoy fun and fitness in the best and worst that our weather has to offer.

Looking at the event calendar it is full of fabulous ways to enjoy being fit no matter the weather!  We have Fun & Fitness classes being held at the NRCS gym and resource centre Monday and Wednesdays.  With NRCS now being a community school we can open our doors at many hours of the day and have used this to our advantage, now offering indoor walking at the school Wednesday nights, we also have Family Gym night on Wednesdays for health and fitness for all ages and “Drop-in Basketball” that same evening. The Legion is hosting a “Sports Day” with crokinole, pool, darts and shuffleboard on Feb 23rd and Yoga Nidra Classes are starting up Tuesday nights at the Resource Centre.  Dancing is another way to stay fit and fabulous and what better way then to enjoy some live music every Friday Night with Live @ the Legion.

One can’t forget the little tykes! Combined with family gym night Wednesday evenings, and dance classes Friday afternoons at the Resource Centre, they are welcome to enjoy songs, stories, crafts, nutritious snack and playtime at Playgroup on Mondays and Thursdays and baby group will be held on demand Thursdays.

For those diehard outdoorsmen, we of course have many fun trails to explore including the Lion’s Park and Ruby’s walk, as well as plenty of outdoor activity at the Ross Farm, many lakes to skate on and when the weather is right snowshoeing/cross country skiing/snowmobiling and sledding.

So come join in the fun, no matter how much ice our weather throws at us!