A community service organization, or community service club, is a voluntary nonprofit group. Members of the club meet together to support charitable causes, to socialize, and to share educational and personal growth opportunities.

A community service organization offers members the opportunity to make a difference in the world, while furthering personal and career goals.

Advantages of a service club can be varied depending on type and purpose but in general, clubs or organizations, can:

Help to create and nurture a professional network that can connect you to new opportunities.  Often you can gain valuable business skills and experience, such as leadership, presentation, problem solving and time management.

You can also use your talents to do good in your local, national or international community. Plus, get the support to see projects through.  Also, you can get new educational opportunities through club speakers and educational seminars.

They often are important to gain cultural awareness and can often facilitate a platform to find life-long friends who have a variety of interests and talents.

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