Trails run deep in New Ross.  Most are woods roads carved out for Christmas tree season, however, some can be used to run ATV’s.  Other trails are used for walking, with the most utilized being the Lion’s Park walking trail, Ruby’s Trail, and Popner Hill Trail, which can be used for walking, hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and also enjoy fresh air on horseback.  Or look for access to our snowmobile trails (, Facebook page: Annapolis Valley Ridge Runners, Snowmobile Club) (maps available at Vittle’s restaurant).  So many ways to have a great day taking in New Ross’ natural beauty and exploring nature at its finest.

Currently the New Ross Trails Society  is aiming to develop a network of trails in the New Ross area that appeal to a wide variety of user types, and are being developed for the health and wellness of every user.


RUBY’S TRAIL: This trail is located on the Murphy property on Porcupine Hill. In 2017, the Murphy family lost eight-month-old Ruby. New Ross responded with an incredible show of support and compassion. In recognition of this, The Murphy Family would like to say ‘thank you’ and have chosen to open their tree lot to the public for the enjoyment of all. They will maintain the lot as a working Christmas Tree farm, but they are excited to expand the potential of the property to include recreational trails. They understand that people have many different interests and that the property will attract many different types of users. Through sound development and management, we all feel that several excellent trail experiences can be created. Integral to this plan is the recognition of Ruby. There is one location in particular on Porcupine Hill that has an expansive view of the Village below and the rolling hills beyond. From this location one can see Popner Hill, Lake Lawson, the Gold River Valley, and the school in one sweeping view. This location is labelled “Ruby’s Spot”. We mark this spot now as a place of peace and quiet contemplation; and dedication to all the wonderful children of New Ross.  Affixed to this is another 2.0 km of trail that extends to “Max’s Hill”. Currently signage on this property is not complete but should be within the coming months.  To access this trail: you will find its entrance behind the New Ross Credit Union, and can park in the Legion or Credit Union parking lot.


POPNER HILL TRAIL: Another trail opportunity is the Old Annapolis Trail. This trail was the first attempt to connect Halifax and Annapolis Royal. Work began in 1784 but it was never completed (more info here,_Nova_Scotia).  This is a combination of woodland trail and tree-lot road. It is 2.5km uphill on the way up to the ridge, and downhill on the way back.  At the ridge you have a wonderful view of the village of New Ross, Porcupine Hill, and distant views of the ocean.  It is great for hiking, biking, horseback and can be accessed by parking across from Hughes Diesel (134 New Russell Rd.), crossing through Hughes Diesel workyard, where you’ll reach a connector path to the trail.

NRTS is thankful for the generous opportunity the landowners, Murphy, Hughes, Elliott, and Sabean’s,  have afforded us and the entire community of New Ross.

We hope that these will be the first of many trails that can be connected into a regional network.